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Age Friendly City

16 June, 2023

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 Sector 2: Transportation

  • Increase access to and awareness of affordable, safe, and equitable mobility options for older adults in all parts of Penang Island.

  • Cooperates with Rapid Penang in implementing FREE bus services, such as Central Area Transit (CAT) , Bridge Express Shuttle Transit (BEST) and CAT Bridge, to make public transport affordable for all.
  • With a cyclist-friendly concept, the buses provide a platform and allow passengers to bring their bicycles. This concept will enable cyclists to carry out leisure cycling activities around George Town.
  • 200 wheelchair-accessible busses.


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  • Penang Smart Parking (PSP) As part of the efforts towards a Smart City, a user-friendly Smart Parking system has been developed for all in Penang. Penang Smart Parking is equipped with features such as Find Parking, Parking Payment, Compound Payment, and Purchase of Monthly Pass, among others.


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  • Penang Bicycle Lane Master Plan, with the goal to create a 200km long cycling route around Penang, was introduced in 2017. The bicycle lanes go through the city through the coast for cyclists to travel around the island without producing carbon. The initiative also encourages more people to cycle. We target to have 45,000 cyclists annually by 2025.

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  • The City Council of Penang Island launched the Bike Sharing System (Link Bike) on 17 December 2016. Currently, 29 stations, 250 bicycles and 325 bicycle docks are available in George Town and Bayan Baru


  • The Rejuvenation of Back Lanes and Side Lanes in George Town, Penang, is a well-designed project to increase walking and cycling activities, which will ultimately improve the economic activities in George Town and reduce the crime rates around the area. This project brings positive impacts to the environment and public health as a whole.
  • MBPP has won the premier award of the 7th Edition of the Jean-Paul-L’Allier Prize for Heritage.

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