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Official Portal OfCity Council of Penang island


31 October, 2022

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The Symbolism And Significance Of The Embellishments Forming The Insignia Are Briefly

  • Malaysian Shield
    The shield is of a kind identified with Malaysia.
  • Motto
    In Bahasa Malaysia, the official language signifies "Leadership Through Service".
  • Wreath Or Turban
    The Wreath or turban is a heraldic symbol associated with the twisting of a head-gear of cloth such as that used by a Malay official and also the traditional turban with extending pendent ends as sometimes used by Malays and Indians in Penang.
  • Coconut Palm Tree
    A tree commonly found in Penang, associated with homecraft, traditional dances, songs, pantuns, rustic bridges, cooking utensils, local cuisine, etc.
  • Barry Wavy
    A heraldic symbol of water or the sea, portrays Penang's status as an island and dependence of its economy principally on the sea.
  • Dolphins
    Another heraldic symbol associated with the sea. It symbolises the abundant marine life in the waters around Penang and it also depicts a joyous and happy mood associated with Penang's distinction as an international tourist destination.


  • Star And Crescent
    The official religion of the State. The 5 points of the Star denote the five tenents of Islam.


  • Verdured Mount
    This symbolises Penang's beautiful green back-drop of hills.
  • Turban With Pendent Ends
    The green and gold of the head-gear in the Crest also symbolises the beautiful verdant cloak of vegetation and the golden beaches of the State bathed in golden sunlight. It also symbolises flourishing development.


  • Battlements
    Penang's historic Fort Cornwallis. It also stands for Strength and Solidarity.
  • Motto
    "Memimpin Sambil Berkhidmat" is an allusion to the motto of the erstwhile City Council of George Town "Leading We Serve". Translated it means "Through Service We Lead" or "Leading Whilst Serving".