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Official Portal OfCity Council of Penang island

One Stop Centre Unit (OSC)

08 February, 2023

  • Profile

    Unit Pusat Setempat (OSC) was established to monitor and regulate the implementation of procedures or guidelines in order to manage in granting approval of development plans and construction permits. The procedure has been approved by the Cabinet and the National Council for Local Government.

  • Objective
    1. Coordinating and facilitating the approval process of land development applications, planning permission, building plans, earthworks plans and other plans related to development proposals;

    2. Shorten the time in order to speed up the application process for development proposals under the Konsep Bina Kemudian Jual (BKJ) within four (4) months and under the Konsep Jual Kemudian Bina (JKB) within six (6) months; and

    3. Standardize the procedure and process of development proposals based on the provisions under the National Land Code 1965 (KTN 56), the Town and Country Planning Act 1976 (Act 172) and the Roads, Drains and Buildings Act 1974 (Act 133).

  • Function
    1. Coordinate and monitor the applications of development proposals and others;

    2. To inform applicant the approval of development proposal;

    3. Making recommendation of the land development application to the Land Office; and

    4. Provide a periodical report to the committee.

  • Our Services
    1. Receive, review, register and distribute development plan proposals.

    2. Provide advisory services to PSP through various channels.

  • Clients Charter
    1. Receive and review hardcopy documents within 3 working days.

    2. Register and distribute the development plan application within 2 working days.

  • Organisation Chart

    carta organisasi unit sehenti

  • Directory



    Telefon (Pejabat)


    Khairil Bin Khalid

    Ketua Unit OSC

    259 2150


    Abdul Halim Bin Abd Rahman

    Peg. Perancang Bandar Dan Desa

    259 2516


    Zyaid Iskandar Bin Omar

    Pen. Peg. Perancang Bandar Dan Desa

    259 2255


    Norhayati Binti Abdullah
    Pen. Peg. Perancang Bandar Dan Desa
    269 0025
    Ext: 3025
    Norshuhada Binti Ismail
    Pen. Jurutera
    259 2038
    Mohammad Sukri Bin Ishak
    Pen. Jurutera
    269 0026
    Ext: 3026
    Nur Halwani Binti Fildaus
    Pen. Peg. Senibina
    269 0026
    Ext: 3026
    Anisyah Binti Ahmad
    Pen. Peg. Senibina
    259 2038
    Roziah Binti Abdullah
    Pembantu Tadbir Tinggi
    259 2041
    Shaiful Khairil Bin Mohamed
    Pembantu Tadbir
    259 2041

  • Contact Us

    04-259 2256




    Unit Pusat Setempat, Paras 4, KOMTAR Jalan Penang, 10675 Pulau Pinang

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