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Age Friendly City

16 June, 2023

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Penang is the second state that is experiencing aging in Malaysia after the state of Perak. By 2040, Penang will have the largest proportion of elderly people in Malaysia. Therefore, Penang is now in an effort to become an Age Friendly City (AFC).



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  • Age-Friendly City (AFC) is a framework developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) by considering and prioritising the needs of elderly adults. It is a place where people of all age groups can live, work, and participate in social, economic and cultural activities with dignity, autonomy and respect. MBPP has already started with specific planning through the Age-Friendly City Action Plan in the City Council of Penang Island’s Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025

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The 8 Area of Age Friendly City



Outdoor Spaces and Buildings

  • Optimize usability of outdoor spaces and buildings for older adults. 
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  • Increase access to and awareness of affordable, safe, and equitable mobility options for older adults in all parts of Penang Island.
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  • Improve choice, quality, affordability, and housing stability for older adults.
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Social Participation

  • Promote diverse and accessible opportunities for participation and engagement of older adults age 60. 
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Respect and Social Inclusion

  • Uphold all older adults ages 60 as valuable members and provide equitable resources for the community.
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Civic Participation and Employment

  • Connect older adults with resources that help them achieve their diverse employment and career transition goals.
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Communication and Information

  • Awareness and access to available services and supports for older adults and their families will increase for everyone. 
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Community Support and Health Services

  • Ensure the community has accessible and affordable resources to support individual health and well-being goals throughout the ageing process.


Sector 1: Outdoor Spaces and Buildings

  • Optimize usability of outdoor spaces and buildings for older adults.
  • The design of Neighbourhood Parks meets the criteria of “Universal Design and Accessibility in the Built Environment”, which takes universal design into account and is given a high priority. It provides equal accessibility to groups with various abilities and needs, especially senior citizens. The Neighbourhood Parks have user-friendly spaces and sizes that offer options to users whether to have their leisure activities alone or in groups.

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  • The Town Hall has an exhibition gallery space, a ballroom and multi-purpose rooms. It is also equipped with a lift, accessible toilets, and a ramp, especially for people with special needs. These facilities make the Town Hall, a place for cultural, arts and other activities, accessible to all.

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  • Public facilities and a disabled-friendly environment are provided based on the Universal Design for the comfort of all.
 No.  Lokasi
 1.  Rifle Range Market and Complex
 2.  Batu Lancang Market and Food Court
 3.  Desa Mayang Hawker Complex
 4.  Padang Brown Complex
 5.  Bukit Gedung Complex
 6.  Desa Genting​ Complex
 7.  Tanjung Bungah​ Complex
 8.  Coolie Lines Food Court
 9.  Bayan Baru Market and Complex
 10.  Pulau Tikus​ Market
 11.  Lebuh Cecil​ Market
 12.  Telok Bahang​ Market
 13.  Jelutong​ Market
 14.  Chowrasta Market
 15.  Air Itam​ Market
 16.  Community Services Department Office, Youth Park (under construction)

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No. Lokasi
 1.  Pantai Mas Public Toilet
 2.  Medan Renong Public Toilet
 3.  Padang Kota Public Toilet
 4.  Public Toilet in Padang Tembak Market
 5.  Batu Lancang Public Toilet
 6.  Public Toilet in Tanjung Bungah Market
 7.  Prayer Hall (Surau) in Lebuh Duke
 8.  Pantai Miami Public Toilet (under construction)

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