1.Providing municipal services to the people such as garbage collection and disposal & beach, public toilets, roads & drains cleansing services; 

2. Provide & maintain public facilities such as drainage, street lighting, pavements, public toilets, bus shelters etc;

3. Providing community facilities such as sports complex, community halls, recreational centres, playing grounds, parks and open space, markets, hawkers’ complex & hawkers’ sites;

4. Provide infrastructure & regulate traffic system to promote industrial, commercial and tourism growth;

5. Spur the people towards excellence in terms of physical, spiritual & thinking via environment & ecology maintenance & conservation;

6. Provide good public health facilities as well as creating a beautiful  & tranquil atmosphere to forge unity among the community;

7. Plan & spur development of the areas under Council’s jurisdiction in line with the laws  pertaining to the State’s & Nation’s development policies.