Kadar (Cukai Taksiran atau Cukai Pintu)

  • Property Assessment

  • Rateable Area

  • Objection Against Property Assessment

  • The Responsibility of A Ratepayer Dikenakan

  • Late Payment Penalty Imposed on Arrears of Rates


Property Assessment

1.0 General

Property assessment, also known as assessment rates is a form of taxation imposed by the Municipal Council of Penang Island on all properties in the Municipal Council of Penang Island area which is based on the 'Annual Value' and the Annual 'Percentage Rate'. Assessment rates must be paid twice in a year i.e. in January and July. An example of how assessment rates is calculated:

Annual Value of Property

RM 3,000

Annual Percentage Rate



Assessment rates of property is - RM3,000 x 10% = RM300 per annum or RM150 every 6 months

2.0 Annual Value

The annual value of a holding, as defined in Section 2 of the Local Government Act, 1976, is the estimated annual rent at which the holding might reasonably be expected to let with the owner paying the cost of repair, insurance and other expenses necessary for the maintenance of the holding./p>

3.0 Annual Percentage Rate

The percentage rate is fixed annually by the Council according to its financial needs. Once the rate percentage is approved by the Council, it is retained for the whole year and no appeal may be made against it.

The New Annual Rates, effective from 1 January 2020 is as follows:

No. Type of Property New Rates 2020
1. Landed Residential 6.00%
2. Landed Residential - Low Cost/Low Medium Cost 5.00%
3. Flat Residential - Low Cost/Middle Class 5.00%
4. Apartment/Kondominium 5.80%
5. Commercial 9.00%
6. SOHO 10.00%
7. Service Apartment 10.00%
8. Industrial 12.00%
9. Hotel 14.70%
10. Associations/Kongsi 7.00%
11. Development Land (City) 4.00%
12. Development Land (Urban) 2.00%
13. Agricultural Land 0.50%
14. Golf Club/Horse Racing Club 14.70%