Health  Health 2

Public Health Education


  1. To instill understanding and awareness amongst primary school pupils regarding environmental cleanliness and communicable diseases.
  2. To change the attitude of primary school pupils towards positive public health values so that the life of society is more cheerful and healthy.
  3. To foster understanding amongst primary school pupils regarding safe food.


  1. Hold talks on health and cleanliness for primary school pupils in respect of 5 main topics:
    a) Self-cleanliness.
    b) Food poisoning.
    c) Balanced diet
    d) healthy habits.
    e) Communicable diseases.
  2. Preparation of materials for talks and exhibitions from time to time.
  3. Organising exhibitions in primary school pupils.
  4. Analysis and study of feedback from primary school pupils regarding the effectiveness of the talks given.
  5. Preparation and discussion regarding written questions given to primary school pupils in respect of the five main topics.


Pest Control

  1. Control Of Mosquito Breeding
    In its effort to abate mosquito breeding and control mosquitoes, the Council has taken the following measures:

    I. Inspection for mosquito larvae from house to house.
    II. Clearing of undergrowth from vacant and neglected lands, rivers and drains.
    III. Compounding of owners and occupiers of buildings, vacant lands and private places found to be breeding mosquitoes.
    IV. Compounding developers and development project operators if they are to be breeding mosquitoes.
    V. Spraying of insecticide in places where there is stagnant water including public drains to kill mosquito larvae and to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

    In addition to the effort taken to control dengue fever, fogging works and awareness on health education have been intensified.

  2. Crow Control
    To reduce the crow population in the urban area, monitoring of the 40 existing crow traps has been intensified. Crow traps have been placed in areas where the crow population is high including rural areas. The Department also holds Crow Shooting Campaigns from time to time with the assistance from the Penang Rifle Club.
  3. Rodent Control
    The destruction of rats using certain methods including the setting up of traps, fogging and poisoning continues especially in places infested with rats.